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Energizing Christian Voters in 2020
David E. Smith

Executive Director of Illinois Family Action- Mokena, Illinois 

“That is incredible! I have received emails and phone calls all week long that heard the bathroom issue ad. It is getting incredible response and coverage.”

Chad Connelly

Served as Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party

“Thank you for doing the Lord’s work to protect religious freedom in America this year.”

David Barton

Founder & President of WallBuilders- Aledo, Texas anizer

“Received great comments on the radio spots we did together. Amazed to hear that you have sponsored 7,600 radio ads in key states. Proud to be able to help make ONUG’s activities a wonderful outreach to Christians this year.”

Dr. Frank Turek

Award winning author of books such as “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist”-Columbus, Ohio 

“I really enjoyed the radio spots and really believe the spots helped tremendously. Great job getting the word out!”

Pastor Tim Butler

People’s Baptist Church-Greenville, North Carolina  

“The radio spots were spot on and proved to be decisive for voters. The letter to North Carolina pastors caused many to get off the sidelines and into the game.”