One Nation Under God
Promoting pastor and voter education

Founded in 2002, the One Nation Under God Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organization which promotes pastor and voter education and Christian voter registration and turnout.

Since 2002, we have printed and distributed 501 (c)(3) Christian voter guides at churches in Illinois, Arkansas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Ohio. We have coordinated church registration efforts in 18 states.

In 2016, we focused our efforts in Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, and Wisconsin, registering thousands of Christians to vote. We produced and placed nearly 9,000 radio ads with wonderful assistance from David Barton of WallBuilders.

In 2021, our nation faces the most severe attacks in its history to ”cancel” our Christian values. Join the fight to protect our rights, our families, and our Country.

Please complete the attached membership application to become a member of One Nation Under God, and receive important information on issues important to Christians.

Thank you, and may our Lord bless you and your family always.


Paul Caprio
-Executive Director

Reverend Robert Vanden Bosch

What We Do
Empowering Christians across America to express their right to vote
Voter Registration
In 2020, One Nation Under God utilized radio ads on Christian stations to inform Christians on how to register to vote online and in-person.  
Our Campaigns
In 2020, One Nation Under God produced more than 19,000 radio ads in Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina, and Georgia to promote Christian voter registration and in-person turnout. We have warned of the danger of unrestricted mail voting.
Protecting Freedoms
In 2020, One Nation Under God filed amicus briefs to restore freedom of worship prevented by government interference in Illinois and California. This legal action was successful in restoring the First Amendment right to worship in these states.
Board of Directors
Helping communities nationwide
Reverend Robert “Bob” Vanden Bosch


Reverend “Bob” is an ordained Baptist pastor and has been the leading Christian liaison to the Illinois General Assembly for more than 20 years. He has spoken the Gospel message at more than 100 Illinois Bible-based churches during that time.
    Paul Caprio

    Executive Director

    A committed Christian and nationally recognized pro-family leader, Paul has received national awards for his pro-life advocacy. Paul directs One Nation Under God operations from our new office in Columbus, Ohio.
      David Smith


      Dave is the executive director of Illinois Family Institute. He and his wife of 23 years are blessed to be the parents of seven children. He is an ordained minister in his local church and Republican precinct committeeman in his community.
      Bonnie Quirke


      Bonnie, a long-time pro-life leader, is the former President of the Illinois Federation for Right-to-Life.
        Mrs. William “Patty” Burke


        Patty resides in Florida and headed the One Nation Under God Florida Church Voter Registration Project. Patty has been a leader in supporting crisis pregnancy clinics in Florida. In 2020, she headed up One Nation Under God’s hospital project, which provided more than 1,500 meals for health care workers, fighting COVID-19.
          Terry Schilling


          A native of Western Illinois, Terry Schilling is a pro-life Catholic, who has been involved in political activities since helping to elect his father to Congress in 2010. Terry presently serves as executive director of the American Principles Project and is a member of the Board of Directors of the American Conservative Union.
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